A Citrus Filled Summer with Leg of Lamb

Nothing says summer quite like the sun shining, birds chirping, and a hot, smoky grill. For those of you looking for your next barbecue recipe, look no further than here. It’ll be full of citrus too!

Get a leg up on the rest of your pals this summer by infusing orange and lemon zests to your lamb. Can you say delicious? The citrus infused leg of lamb has summer written all over it!

Leg of lamb is already one of the easiest meats to cook and with a dash of salt, pepper, rosemary in addition to being cooked in your summery citrus sauce, you’ll have yourself a summer favorite!

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Be the grill master you’ve always wanted to be with perfectly cooked leg of lamb. It’s about time to braise and get praise for cookin’ a great leg!

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